1. We demand to know the truth about why Ms. Jang Ja Yeoun was found dead a week after testifying about her forced service of golf, alcohol, and sexual favor against her will to the perpetrators on 3/7/2009. In her testimony, she wrote: “I am just a new actor who is powerless. I want this pain to stop.”

  2. We believe the sixteen series of testimonies made by the fellow actress Ms. Yoon Ji Oh about Ms. Jang is consistent and true. We believe her statements are credible and supported by numerous evidences, testimonies made by others, and numerous circumstantial evidences.

  3. Shortly after Ms. Yoon’s public testimony, we observed a concerted witch-hunt campaign led by the accused, journalists, lawyers, writers against Ms. Yoon. We deplore and condemn this campaign which affected public opinion and credibility of Ms. Yoon and her testimony.

  4. We believe the aforementioned campaign against Ms. Yoon has enabled the perpetrators who use their authority as a coercion tool to extract sexual favor to not only continue their crimes, but also to be forgotten from the public’s attention.

  5. We note and emphasize the timing and importance of Ms. Jang’s statements about the perpetrators, which successfully brought this dark crime to public attention. Targeting Ms. Yoon for her testimony is yet another attack that kills. We demand to know why and who is behind these continued disinformation campaign efforts.

  6. We were hurt and disappointed on 1/14/2020 when Seoul Central District Court sided with the plaintiff. Many of Ms. Yoon’s ex-sponsors have called for Ms. Yoon to pay back the public donations with interest. Listening to those who were once supporters of Ms. Yoon was heartbreaking. We believe the witch-hunt campaigns are responsible for swaying the supporters’ opinions.

  7. Ms. Jang, the victim, died, Ms. Yoon, someone who risked all of her credibility, is going through a trial. Yet not a single person has been brought to justice. This tragicomical reality forces us to question how democratic Korean society is. Numerous protests, including the MeToo movement, occur, yet no change is in sight.

  8. Therefore, we believe the trial by Attorney Choi Na Ri to be misguided. We believe the defendants should be those who perpetrated the assaults, not Ms. Yoon, the witness.

  9. We plead for those 433 plaintiff to retract their suit and rejoin our effort to seek the truth on Ms. Jang’s death and bring those responsible to justice.

  10. We believe ignorance is one of the crucial and enabling forces that worsens the vulnerability of the victims and witnesses who speak up. Therefore, we seek to form “Supporters of Ms. Jang and Ms. Yoon who gave financial gifts <Truth-commoners in the Age of Post-truth>”, which are not part of the suit led by the Attorney Choi, to better represent the supports for Ms. Yoon.

  11. If you’ve previously given financial support to Ms. Yoon, or Light On the Ground, to show your willingness to stand together in seeking out the truth, we respectfully request you to join “Supporters of Ms. Jang and Ms. Yoon who gave financial gifts <Truth-commoners in the Age of Post-truth>” as initiating member.

  12. Even if you have not given financial support previously, if you’re moved by this campaign, we also respectfully request you to join “Supporters of Ms. Jang and Ms. Yoon who gave financial gifts <Truth-commoners in the Age of Post-truth>” as initiating member.

    February 2020 Preparing Bureau of Truth-commoners in the Age of Post-truth (PB/TAP) Website: http://truthcommoners.net Invitation Link: https://bit.ly/2HrcInJ



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